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How will a Point of Sale system help me?

A Point of Sale system can be an important part of the continued growth and success of your retail business. POS software can give you a massive boost in your profits! A POS System will:
  • Reduce Pricing Errors.
  • Keep inventory costs low by reducing dead inventory, and maximizing turns.
  • Reduce Shrinkage.
  • Control Price Points for maximum profit.
  • Provide instant cortical information so you can make adjustments, and maximize profits.

What are some signs that I need a Point of Sale system?

  • You want to increase sales. You are spending too much time at the store managing inventory.
  • Your staff is spending too much time on paperwork, away from the sales floor.
  • You don't know which 30% of your customers are doing 70% of the buying.
  • You have huge shrinkage, and don't know why.
  • You can't generate the timely reports you need to make good decisions.
  • You need to track inventory from another location.
  • You have too much of what your customers don't want, and not enough of what they do want.

We want to move to a better POS system. Can we transport our customer and inventory database into my new system?

If your old POS system has the ability to to export the databases into a compatible format (i.e. tab delimited text files), then it is just a matter of formatting the old information to export into your new system. Keep in mind that if you are not happy with the structure of your current databases, you may be simply transferring bad data into your new system. Our experienced customer support personnel would be pleased to consult with you on the conversion process.

How much should I expect to invest in a good POS system?

Before you decide to invest in any POS system, you must answer a few simple questions. How much am I losing by overstocking with the wrong products and under stocking the more popular ones? What is my shrinkage? What are the advantages of knowing my customer's preferences? How much time am I spending trying to obtain accurate information and helping my business to grow? All of these factors and others contribute to the reasons and value of having a POS system. Most systems will not only pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time, but will contribute significantly to your business' bottom line. Complete systems start as little as $2995.00. It really doesn't matter how much you spend. The most important thing is to find the right system that will give you the highest return on your investment.

What's the biggest mistake retailers make when they buy a POS system?

Our experience tells us they don't spend enough time evaluating the company. This is extremely important! Before you choose a system, you need to evaluate the company. There are thousands of POS software companies, and dozens come and go every year. it is important to find a company that has been established, has a proven track record in POS, with a solid customer database.

Will someone teach us how to use our new system?

Training is the key to a successful transition into a new Point of Sale system. Multipost provides thorough training conducted by our professional full-time trainers. Our systems support staff will guide you through the steps to a successful retail control system and will provide support and assistance when you need it.

Do you offer multiple POS products?

From Cash Drawers to Wireless Scanners,Multipost offers a complete line of POS products. The right product for someone else may not be the right product for you. Our POS System Specialist will discuss your needs with you, then make the best recommendation for your retail business.

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