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Fashion Vendor

If you sell shoes, clothing, handbags, linens, or any fashion-related items, you’re in a business where you have many colours, sizes and styles. As you know, updating inventory, finding out what sells and what doesn’t, and seeing what is available is a big job. That’s where FashionVendor comes to the rescue.

Working in conjunction with SmartVendor, FashionVendor enables you to automatically see your entire sales and inventory picture for any colour, size or style combination in a matrix form. FashionVendor also allows you to update your prices, costs and re-order points simply and efficiently. It’s easy-to-learn and use and will save you an incredible amount of time.


  • extremely simple to set up and use
  • controls quantity of points issued and redeemed
  • allows you to change to points structure at any time
  • allows for many different points groupings
  • shows accumulated points on the receipt, plus the points earned that day
  • can vary points by days of the week to increase traffic on slow days
  • generates comprehensive reports on the numbers of points issued and redeemed
  • allows you to reward customer loyalty
  • sets your store apart from the others, keeps your customers coming back
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