Keep your health food store in great shape with a point of sale (POS) system from Multipost Retail Systems.

Smart Vendor is perfect for your health food store because of its many features specifically geared to the retail health food and supplement market. Features like:

  • Integrated Scale for Bulk Items: If you're like many health food stores, you offer a wide selection of bulk foods and herbs. Smart Vendor health food POS software lets easily you scan items individually or in bulk with an integrated scale. This can reduce cashier error and can save your business money
  • Promotional Options: Having a special sale on supplements? Want to issue gift cards for special holiday promotions? The optional gift card and promo merchandise modules are quick and easy to add and keeps customers coming back to your health food store.
  • Automated Inventory Reminder: Never run low on popular items again, especially when it comes to something important like supplements that may be part of a customer’s training regimen. You can set up reminders on the SmartVendor’s health food POS system so you’ll never run low on your store’s top-selling items again.
  • Superior Reporting: Meaningful reporting helping you analyze the Key Performance Indicators of business. Maximize Sales Growth, Cost Efficiency, Inventory Turnover.
  • Scalable: Start small and grow your retail business to multiple locations. Add modules when you need them
  • Easy to Use: Train your staff in a matter of minutes to start using the SmartVendor software.
  • Easy to Implement: Our eStore '360 efficiently connects your company's POS and inventory management system to a state-of-the-art Shopify e-commerce website. Our integration is unparalleled and affordable, and the best way to have superior web and retail stores running from a single POS system.
  • Affordable: Complete single store systems from as little as $2695.99. Cloud based systems from $49.00 or complete stand-alone systems from $95.00 per month (OAC).
  • Fully Supported: Qualified Hardware and Software professionals are there to help you when you need it.

For a full product demo of Smart Vendor Health Food Store POS, complete the form right now and we'll send you a demo so you can see all of the features for yourself.