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The Smart Retailer's POS Advantage

At Multipost, we understand what retailers face everyday. We have been providing quality retail POS (Point of Sale) Software to retailers for over 30 years. Our staff is from retail backgrounds, and we utilize our customers' input to design and develop retail POS systems that are useful in the real world of retailing. In other words, we work with our users, and are extremely responsive to the needs of the retailer. We are also constantly updating and innovating to anticipate any future needs your business might have.

SmartOffice is a Management tool that allows a Head Office or Warehouse to remain synchronized with, and manage one or more Store Locations. With this specialized application, inventory is generated at one location and polled, (sent,) to all others, making inventory management and control manageable. SmartOffice is suitable for small to large retail chains, including Franchise operations. Your store staff will never need to manually enter inventory items again, and you are ensured no errors or store-to-store variations where they are not warranted. 


In addition to our main SmartVendor system, we have a vast array of complementary add-on modules that can be fully customizable to your business. You can add any of these specialized modules to Smart Vendor to make your business even more efficient and profitable.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts

If you are like the majority of small business owners your marketing budget is limited. The most effective way to market your company is to use a well rounded POS program that combines sales activities with powerful marketing tactics.

SmartVendor is compatible with:

SmartVendor is compatible with Simply Accounting and Quickbooks

Simply Accounting  Quickbooks

SmartVendor payment processing supports:

Moneris, Global Payments and Chase Paymentech

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