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Smart Display

Smart Display is a digital signage system that provides an ideal alternative to in-store print advertising. Smart Display offers an opportunity for more engaging and informative store advertisements via changeable videos and images. At the register, two monitors are used, one for Smart Vendor, and the other faces the customer and presents the Smart Display. The screens used in-store can advertise and display many levels of information at one time and they can also contain many different items that can rotate randomly on screen.

Smart Display not only does all this but it drastically enhances the customer experience, instills brand loyalty and greatly influences customer behavior. It cuts down on cost and effort spent on putting up print promotional material and is versatile enough to change at a touch of a button. It is simple, effective and powerful. Reduce your cost and increase your revenue with Smart Display.

Educate and Entertain your Customers

Displays Information

  • store hours
  • the time
  • company website


  • in store specials
  • events
  • promotions
  • upcoming workshops
  • point based loyalty program

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