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Smart Office

SmartOffice is a Management tool that allows a Head Office or Warehouse to remain synchronized with, and manage one or more Store Locations. With this specialized application, inventory is generated at one location and polled, (sent,) to all others.

SmartOffice is suitable for small to large retail chains, including Franchise operations. Your store staff will never need to manually enter inventory items again, and you are ensured no errors or store-to-store variations where they are not warranted.

SmartOffice also allows unique information to be sent to each store or group of stores. Information such as sidewalk sale dates, or reorder points for higher volume stores can be maintained per store, per region and even per volume group.

In addition to maintaining only one inventory, SmartOffice offers Retailer the ability to examine sales and performance information on a different level than other Point of Sale products. SmartOffice offers detailed reporting and analysis based on each store location, or in combination with other stores. This level of reporting plays a key role in managing stock levels, in addition to batch ordering, and automated batch transferring.

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