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Smart Points

You want your customers to keep coming back. But how do you instil true loyalty? The big retailers know the answer: an incentive plan. Every time a customer makes a purchase, you reward them with bonus points that they can redeem for store merchandise at any time. And now, this powerful tool is available for use in your business.

A points program can set you apart from your competitors. A specialized SmartVendor add-on application, SmartPoints will pay for itself over and over again through repeat customers.


  • extremely simple to set up and use
  • controls quantity of points issued and redeemed
  • allows you to change to points structure at any time
  • allows for many different points groupings
  • shows accumulated points on the receipt, plus the points earned that day
  • can vary points by days of the week to increase traffic on slow days
  • generates comprehensive reports on the numbers of points issued and redeemed
  • allows you to reward customer loyalty
  • sets your store apart from the others, keeps your customers coming back

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