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Smart Registry

Smart Registry is the most comprehensive computerized Gift and Bridal Registry software program available today. It allows you and your staff to easily and efficiently manage all of your registry functions and create reports to prove it.

Your registered customers will know that they are dealing with a truly professional Gift and Bridal Registry business.

Here's what Smart Registry can do for you:

Working in conjunction with SmartVendor, SmartRegistry enables you to add and create a gift or bridal registry in only a few minutes using our patented bridal registry software. It allows you to handle unlimited registries and gift selections. SmartRegistry updates the wants and needs quantities in "real time" as gifts are purchased. Numerous reports are readily available, such as full registry listings, value of registries and profit margins.

SmartRegistry simplifies the selection of gifts by friends and relatives by allowing you to zero in on their tastes and price points. The purchaser as well as the registered customer gets far more satisfaction from buying and receiving a gift that is both desired and affordable.


  • recommended for any business currently operating a Registry of planning to do so
  • allows for "lock-in pricing" at the time of registering
  • simplifies credits, exchanges and gift certificate transactions
  • eliminates messy handwritten listings and charts
  • displays registries for viewing onscreen or prints them as reports
  • extremely easy to learn and use
  • fewer staff are usually required to operate a successful registry program
  • you don't have to change the way you do business; SmartRegistry will adapt to you

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