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Smart Service

Smart Service, a specialized Smart Vendor application, allows you to create service contracts and work orders, then completely record and track every phase of your service. No guesswork for your staff; no uncertainty for your customers. A great time saver for everyone.

Smart Service is ideal for handling most work-in-progress applications for service and repair businesses. Any time estimates and customer approval are involved, Smart Service will work for you.


  • record your customer data
  • record make, model and serial number of item
  • specify the work to be done
  • prepare estimates
  • quote charges
  • record customer deposits
  • add charges and special instructions
  • customize terms and conditions on the printout
  • update status as it progresses
  • record custom messages or choose from a standard list
  • print invoices and/or claim checks
  • view the status of all work orders on your screen
  • look up warranty information in the future

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