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Smart Transactor

SmartTransactor provides mission critical retailers with a fault – tolerant POS system. This innovation allows all terminals to be connected yet function independently, ensuring that your business will continue to run smoothly in the event of a terminal or server failure. Few, if any, POS systems on the market today can offer this "fault tolerant" solution for your business.

Online stations operate independent of the main server and each other. Databases are maintained on each station and are polled over the network on a pre assigned schedule to update the main server. This updating of the main server takes place transparently and does not interfere with station operations. In the event tat a station goes offline or fails for any reason. The remaining stations continue to operate normally. Once the problem station is again online the data from the station is retrieved by the server updated to the main database and the interruption of business is kept to a minimum.

With most other POS systems, server failure leads to an entire system crash, bringing your business to a grinding halt. SmartTransactor is available for stores of 2 to 20 online sales terminals.

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